EBS energy

EBS energy (EBS-e) is a fast growing alternative energy firm.


EBS energy (EBS-e) is a fast growing alternative energy firm. Over the years we have researched and worked with other alternative energy organisations especially in developing countries to develop a new source of cooking and domestic energy that is more environmentally friendly than existing bi-petroleum products, Liquefied gas and Kerosene, harmless to humans and the environment as well as being cheaper!

At EBS-e, we deal in global sourcing and targeted business solutions and we have networked and solidified relationships in emerging markets and various industries over the years, which has given us a unique opportunity to delve into these fields.

Our strategic alliance and acquisition has helped accelerate our entry into an emerging market by adding our own unique products to the local line-up, strengthening our position as a key differentiator and aggregator of domestic fuel supported by strong distribution networks.

Our long-term objectives are clear and simple:

  • Lowered operating costs and affordability
  • Lifestyle changes especially for low-income earners
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Wealth and healthier living
  • Job and wealth creation
  • Sustainable energy development

The uniqueness of our vision is that it will create and give opportunity to all involved.We are utilizing our vision, purpose, resources and networks to leverage and create a niche solution for better life for poor nations and people of the developing nations in Africa and beyond.

Our services cater to companies that are searching for a way to counteract competitive pressure and rapidly growing demand while looking to expand.  We give our clients the ability to incorporate in foreign territory while cultivating, growing and managing client relations on their behalf.  With the expertise our business development team and managing members have we can create custom tailored solutions to fit your needs while providing immediate results.

“We aim to achieve the pinnacle and position of the top most company responsible for provision of affordable, safe, sophisticated and sustainable life changing energy solution for the developing world”

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