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What Really is is an online marketplace in Nigeria for fashion, lifestyle, entertainment and food among others.

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  1. Jollof is an online marketplace in Nigeria for fashion, lifestyle, entertainment and food among others.
  2. It is built on dynamic cloud computing infrastructure and enhanced integration with merchants, logistics and payment gateways, Jollof combines both worlds of data mining and location intelligence to deliver tailored services to customers.
  3. Jollof’s platforms are made up of Cuisine-Food Gallery, Fashion, Lifestyle, General and Business and Education platform with a Service Delivery framework embedded within its enriched functionalities
  4. It is designed as Business-to-Business-to-Consumer (B2B2C) transactional hub and to that effect the infrastructure is optimised to deliver a highly efficient service delivery experience at all touch-points.
  5. is fully digitised, and specifically designed to infuse the pervasive Mobile technology systems and diverse business opportunities that exists within today’s highly mobile, On-The-Go Users.

Experience the Jollof Style


Jollof Fashion

Looking to keep up on the latest trends in fashion, then Jollof Fashion is the place to be. Jollof Fashion is also open to retailers to showcase latest fashion apparels, accessories at affordable prices.


Jollof Cuisine

Jollof Cuisine is an Search and order for your favourite cuizines from your preferred restaurants. Place orders and have it delivered to you, anywhere, anytime and conveniently at all times. You can also make customers make reservations ahead of time to avoid the usual disappointments of – “ we are closed, we are full-up,” and especially for that special occasion

Jollof Business

Businesses can list on the Jollof business directory and also sell, making them immediately obvious to customers/prospective customers that are looking for particular products and services.

Jollof Scholar

Get access to best educational resource and materials that enhances learning and knowledge beyond the classroom. Get self-assessment materials, examination practice questions, examination techniques, career counseling, and many more. All at affordable prices and in some cases free for Jollof customers.

Jollof Lifestyle

Jollof Lifestlye is thriving subset of the population encompassing of high energy, trend setters, highly aspirational and ambitious always seeking for opportunities and adventures to improve their standard of living and general quality of life. The Jollof lifestyle touches on those aspects of living that are synonymous to improving and enhancing the lifestyle of the average person.